Theory and History of Education International Research Group Outcomes

As a result of the 2015 Symposium funded by a SSHRC Connection grant, we are now in the last stage of the review process of the edited book:
Fifty Years After Vatican II (1962-1965); A Transnational Interdisciplinary Encounter.

We are working on our next project on the “educationalization of the world.” The next issue of our journal Encounters in Theory and History of Education/ Rencontres en Théorie et Histoire de l’ Éducation is coming in the Fall.

Symposium June 2-5, 2015

Dr. Rosa Bruno-Jofré, applicant and Dr. Paulí Dávila, co-applicant (University of the Basque Country), have been awarded a SSHRC Connection Grant for their study entitled 
Catholicism and Education: Fifty Years After Vatican II (1962-1965): A Transnational Interdisciplinary Encounter.

On the occasion of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of Vatican II, two research groups are collaborating on Catholic history: the Faculty’s Theory and History of Education International Research Group, coordinated by Drs. Bruno-Jofré and James Scott Johnston with the assistance of Jon Igelmo Zaldivar; and the Group of Historical and Comparative Studies in Education (Garain) coordinated Dr. Paulí Dávila from the Faculty of Philosophy of Sciences of Education, University of the Basque Country, Spain. There will be a symposium in San Sebastian-Donostia, Spain and a book whose proposal was approved by the University of Toronto Press.

Drs. Elizabeth Smyth (University of Toronto), Gonzalo Jover (Universidad Complutense de Madrid), Luis Maria Naya Garmendia (Universidad del Pais Vasco) are collaborators. Twenty scholars will participate in this project.

For more information about the Symposium, which took place from June 2-5, 2015, see:

 THEIR Organizes International Symposium on Catholicism and Education in Spain


Arts Exhibition

Eighteen scholars participated in the symposium:

Book in process of being published
University of Toronto Press

Rosa Bruno-Jofré and Jon Igelmo, eds. Catholicism and Education: Fifty Years After Vatican II (1962-1965), a Transnational Interdisciplinary Encounter. Contributors : Michael Attridge, Rosa Bruno-Jofré,  Jon Igelmo, Bernard Hugonnier, Gemma Serrano, Paulí Dávila, Luis Naya  Garmendia, Christopher Beeman, Lindsay Morcom, William Pinar, Joseph Stafford, Carlos Martínez Valle, Joseph Stafford, Elizabeth Smyth, Heidi MacDonald, Cristian Cox, Patricia Imbarack. The book was approved by University of Toronto Press.

The book will provide, first, an historical conceptual overview of the tenets of Catholic education over the last two centuries, its critical social de-alignment in the 1960s, and a discussion of theological changes after Vatican II and their implications for Catholic education. Next, there is an examination of the relationship between Church and state, as well as of the intersection of the Catholic experience with the social imaginaries of the 1960s and 1970s. This is done through the analysis of Catholic education in France (the cradle of many congregations with missions in the countries studied), Spain, Canada, and Chile.

The case studies on Spain focus on the conjuncture created by changes in the Church in the 1960s and the period of late Francoism. After discussing the processes of re-signification of missions, which started to gain ground in the 1960s when John XXIII appealed to religious congregations to go to Latin America, the case studies address the apostolate work of female Canadian teaching congregations in Canada and abroad. Attention is paid to the way the missionary experience affected the congregations at home. Not less important is the way in which claims of the social movements of the 1960s were translated into arguments that actively demanded funding for Catholic schools in Ontario.

After Vatican II, the Catholic school curriculum and classroom went through various processes confronting change. In the case of Canada, the study traces the changes and proposes a renewed curricula in religious studies. In the case of Chile, the study examines the social commitment of various Catholic schools serving different socio-economic constituencies as expressed in their mission statements, and how the latter relate to Vatican and Latin American and Chilean Catholic documents.

Next, matters pertaining to Catholicism and Aboriginal education in Canada are fully addressed from two perspectives: a philosophical one, arguing that Catholic schools embodied a worldview that separated people from place and approached the non-human world as a resource; and the Catholic religious view, narrating how Catholic Boards of Education in Ontario are working with elders and communities in an effort to make faith meaningful to Aboriginal communities. The study includes an analysis of the social pedagogical dimension of changes in the Catholic Church and the intersection of Catholicism, Marxism, Humanism, psychoanalysis, and new understandings of human sexuality that led to cultural artistic expressions that carried a complex political pedagogical vision with implications for curriculum.

The collection is concluded by a reconstruction of the varying papers and a reflection on their points of intersection and future research.

This collection will be the first of its kind. There are relevant books on aspects or analytical components of the theme, but not specifically on the theme. The case studies will be published for the first time as well.

Rosa Bruno-Jofré, Heidi McDonald and Elizabeth Smyth. Vatican II and Beyond: Re-Envisioning Mission and reconstructing identity in the “Age of Fracture.” (McGill-Queen’s University Press).

Current Project:

Revisiting the educationalization of the world thesis.

In the process of applying for a new Connection Grant (SSHRC). ApplicantRosa Bruno-Jofré; co-applicants: Sol Serrano (Vice-President, Research, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile), Jon Igelmo (Juan de la Cierva Scholar, Deusto University , Spain), Daniel Tröhler (Professor and former Director of the Research Unit Languages, Culture, Media and Identities, University of Luxembourg).

Forthcoming Articles and Chapters by Members of the Group as Joint Work
Guest Editors of Special Issues/Symposia

Queen’s Education Letter. Rosa Bruno-Jofré (Ed). (Spring/Summer 2016) “Spiritual Wandering as an Educational Experience”. Includes collaboration from Group members Daniel Tröhler, Patricia Quiroga, and Christopher Beeman.

Contributors included Nicholas Burbules (University of Illinois), Nel Noddings (Stanford University), Tom Russell (Queen’s University), LeRoy Whitehead (Queen’s University), Maria Merino Dickinson (Universidad Católica, Temuco, Chile), Daniel Tröhler (University of Luxembourg), Anne Rohstock (University of Tuebingen), and the co-editors.

Partnerships Within the Group: Ongoing Research
Recent Edited Book with contributions from members of the group and invited scholars
Book Co-authored by Members of the Group

Rosa Bruno-Jofré, Heidi MacDonald, Elizabeth Smyth. . Vatican II and Beyond: Re-Envisioning Mission and reconstructing identity in the “Age of Fracture.” (McGill-Queen’s University Press).

Rosa Bruno-Jofré, James Scott Johnston, Gonzalo Jover, and Daniel Tröhler. (2010). Democracy and the intersection of religion and traditions: The readings of John Dewey's understanding of democracy and education. Montreal and Kingston: McGill/Queen’s University Press.

Special Issues of Journals

This is the outcome of the Symposium that took place in Kingston at Queen’s in April 2008, involving the Theory and History of Education International Research Group and the international team led by Jürgen Schriewer from Humboldt University, to work on the international reception and adoption of John Dewey’s ideas.

Edited Book

Rosa Bruno-Jofré and Jürgen Schriewer (Eds.). (2011). The global reception of John Deweys thought: Multiple refractions through time and space. New York & London: Routledge.

The book includes chapters from Rosa Bruno-Jofré and Gonzalo Jover, Marcelo Caruso and Inés Dussel, Rosa Bruno-Jofré and Carlos Martínez Valle, Barbara Schulte, Jeremy Rappleye, Ana Isabel Madeira, Irina Mchitarjan, Norbert Grube, James Scott Johnston, and Jürgen Schriewer.

Other Collaborations

Samuel Rocha. Phenomenlogy; Education, Study, and the Human Person. Foreword by William Pinar (OR: Pickwick Publishing, 2015).

Published Interview

Igelmo Zaldívar, J; Quiroga Uceda, P. (2014). Levantando el velo de la historia de la educación. Un acercamiento a la trayectoria, el pensamiento y la obra de Rosa Bruno-Jofré. Espacio, Tiempo y Educación, 1(2), pp. 173-198. doi:

Articles and Chapters in Books with jointly by two or more members of the Group
International Debates
Editorship in Which Members of the Core Group Participate Jointly

Rosa Bruno-Jofré and Patricia Quiroga, guest editors, special issue of Historia de la Educación , Inter-University Journal published in print (access online) by the University of Salamanca, Spain. Historia de la Educación, Revista Inter-universitaria, Universidad de Salamanca, Spain, no 35 (2016).

Encounters in Theory and History of Education/Rencontres. Senior co-editors and founders (in 2000), Rosa Bruno-Jofré and Gonzalo Jover. Gonzalo Jover became an honorary co-founding editor in 2014. Members of the Board include most members of the Research Group

Bordón, journal of the Sociedad Espanola de Pedagogía. Gonzalo Jover, Miembro del Consejo Editorial; Rosa Bruno-Jofré, Member Consejo Asesor Internacional.

Participation in a number of Boards in Spain.

Previous editorships involving more than one member of the Group:

Sembrando Ideas, online journal of the Pontificia Universidad Católica, Sede Villarrica, includes as Members of the Editorial Board Rosa Bruno-Jofré, Gonzalo Jover, James Scott Johnston, and Daniel Tröhler. Not currently.

Historical Studies in Education/Revue d’ histoire de l’éducation, journal of the Canadian History of Education Association. Senior co-editor: Rosa Bruno-Jofré. Members of the Board: Daniel Tröhler, Gonzalo Jover. Not currently.

Panels and Meetings
The Missionary Oblate Sisters: Vision and Mission - Rosa Bruno-Jofré
The Missionary Oblate Sisters Vision and Mission By Rosa Bruno-Jofré

An innovative approach to the history of women in religion that explores the intricate lives and apostolic work of the Oblate Sisters.

Deweyan Inquiry: From Education Theory to Practice - James Scott Johnston
deweyan inquiry- from education theory to practice

Presents John Dewey's theory of inquiry and applies it to various areas of the primary, middle, and secondary school curricula.

Democracy and the Intersection of Religion and Traditions: The Reading of John Dewey's Understanding of Democracy and Education - Rosa Bruno-Jofré, Gonzalo Jover, James Scott Johnston, and Daniel Tröhler
Democracy and the Intersection of Religion and Traditions

An innovative approach to the ways in which a major philosopher's ideas have been configured and incorporated in different countries and contexts.

The Global Reception of John Dewey's Thought: Multiple Refractions Through Time and Space - Edited by Rosa Bruno-Jofré, Jürgen Schriewer

The Global Reception of John Dewey's Thought
Teacher Education in a Transnational World - Edited by Rosa Bruno-Jofré and James Scott Johnston with participation from members of the Research Group and invited project members
Dewey's Earlier Logical Theory -James Scott Johnston
Dewey's Earlier Logical Theory
Pestalozzi y la Educacionalización del Mundo -Daniel Tröhler
Pestalozzi y la Educacionalización del Mundo